The Ssese Islands are a fascinating archipelago of 84 Islands situated in the north-western part of Lake Victoria in Uganda. The islands can be explored and they basically exist in two subgroups; the Bugala group and the Koome group. Bugala Island, Bubembe, Bukebe, Bukasa, Bugaba, Bufumira, Buyova, Funve and Serinya Islands are the main islands in the Bugala group. Koome, Damba and Luwaji are the main islands in the Koome group. The largest of the 84 Islands is Bugala Island and Kalangala town serves as the headquarters of Kalangala district where the Islands are found.

The main occupants of the Islands are referred to as the ‘Basese’, a Bantu tribe which is closely related to the Baganda and Basoga. About 50% of the islands are inhabited and their size varies with some islands being smaller than 2.5 acres (10,000 square metres) and others stretching over 40 kilometres (25 mi). The main route to the Ssese Islands is through Nakiwogo near Entebbe by the MV Kalangala ferry. The other routes which can be used include Bukakata and Kasenyi landing site.

Safari adventures to enjoy at Ssese Islands

Touring the islands

Ssese Islands are an archipelago of 84 Islands in the north-western part of Lake Victoria. Exploring the islands is one of the fascinating adventures to embark on during a Uganda Safari holiday tour to the Ssese Islands. There are so many things to do while at the islands including; nature walks and sightseeing, fishing, biking, swimming, camping and sailing.


The other exciting adventure to enjoy while on your Uganda Safari trip on the Ssese Islands is fishing. Besides being an economic activity and source of livelihood for the locals, fishing can be embarked on as a pass-time and leisure activity for fun and relaxing. The Nile perch and Tilapia are the main fish species caught in the waters of Lake Victoria at the islands.


A Uganda Safari excursion to the Ssese Islands is a chance to enjoy boat cruises on the Africa’s largest lake. Tourists can engage in all sorts of cruises and sailing including; motorised boat cruises, canoeing, kayaking, paddling and jet boating. You can sail on the Nile to the famous Ngamba Chimpanzee Sanctuary or to any of the 84 Islands in the Ssese Islands archipelago. Sunset cruises are also part of the sailing excursions on the Lake.

Hiking and nature walks

The Ssese Islands have got so much to offer to the passionate nature lover. Guided walks on the islands, Lake Shores, the bamboo thickets, and the countryside are an opportunity to see a variety of birds and wildlife species especially primates which are commonly spotted in the thickets. The islands offer a scenic and soothing view of Africa’s largest lake – the formidable Lake Victoria.

Quad biking

Quad biking is one way to explore the Bugala and Koome groups of islands, the surrounding villages, lake shores, countryside and the town of Kalangala. The ATV quad bikes are convenient for touring Ssese and all its surrounding natural attractions. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery all around and have an encounter with the modest and hospitable locals.


Bicycle cycling is one way to have fun and yet keep fit during a Uganda Safari holiday trip spent at the SSESE ISLANDS. There is the number of cycling spots including Mutumbula beach off towards Luka and the south-western shores of Lake Victoria which are a home to a number hippos and sitatunga antelopes. The Ssese Islands are endowed with numerous tourist attractions which you have a chance to see while cycling.


A night spent under a starlit African sky is a dream come true for the adventurers and ardent nature lovers. At your request, a bonfire can be lit in the evening and a barbecue can be set up with music and drinks to unwind and relax while enjoying the great outdoors. Tourists can even set up their own tents if they desire or arrangements can be made by their choice safari lodging or camp.

Cultural Encounters

Uganda is well known for its heterogeneous cultures, traditions and beliefs which leave most visitors mesmerized. A safari tour to the Sesse Islands is an opportunity to encounter varying beliefs and traditions – each Island has its own traditional beliefs and practices; it is, for instance, believed that animals should not be brought to Buvuma Island and if anyone did so, their facial features would change to resemble that of the animal. Guided visits to the local villages are an opportunity to encounter fascinating and shocking beliefs as well as cultures.

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