The Sezibwa Falls are a uganda cultural heritage site situated in Mukono district in the Central region of Uganda. The falls are a subsequent outcome of River Sezibwa squeezing through massive rocks and plunging 7 metres down into the depths below. Sezibwa Falls is one of Uganda’s remarkable attractions and Is renowned for drawing masses of curious tourists desiring to behold the splendour of the fascinating attraction. Besides seeing the amazing falls, there are a number of safari adventures to enjoy including; birding, nature walks, sightseeing, rock climbing, cultural encounters and community visits.

The legend behind the formation of Sezibwa Falls

A traditional legend has it that two rivers; Sezibwa and his brother Bwanda were born by the woman who was on her way travelling to a place called Kavuma Bukunja. The woman was called Nakkungu Tebatuusa and her husband was called Nsubuga Sebwaato, together the couple gave birth to twins in form of water.

Upon their birth, Sezibwa flowed in the western direction and his brother Bwanda took an easy course eastwards towards Nyenga. The course that Sezibwa took was a complex one and he met several obstacles on the way which included having to flow through and over massive rocks, a fact which led to the subsequent formation of the Sezibwa Falls. Sezibwa’s successful flow is attributed to the help and guidance of a spirit called ‘Nalongo Kubo’. The spirit is said to have later on established her home in a cave in the rocks adjacent to the falls. People visit the caves to offer sacrifices and prayer to the spirit which is believed to take on the shape of a massive snake. The name ‘Sezibwa’ drawn from ‘sizibwa kuubo’ is translated ‘my path cannot be blocked’ from the local  uganda dialect.

Adventures at Sezibwa Falls  


Nature walks


There are various walking and hiking trails available for those desiring to discover Uganda’s Sezibwa on foot. The trails lead to the river and its various banks, bamboo thickets, jungle forests and the massive eucalyptus trees which are a habitat to various bird species, butterflies, primates especially monkeys, mongooses and wild cats. Otters and tadpoles are normally sighted in the river, green mambas and cobras are also a common sight especially on hot days.  

Beyond Sezibwa are modest farms cultivated by the locals, massive sugarcane and tea plantations spanning across the hills. The area has a number of medicinal herbs used in treating ailments like sore throats, fevers, wounds and stomach disorders. A number of trees in the area are believed to have been planted by Kabaka Mwanga – one of the fallen kings of Uganda Kingdom.


Sezibwa Falls is a great birding site with over 150 bird species. This awesome Uganda Safari destination has a number of birding spots including; the area around the falls, the whirlpool, River Sezibwa, the big eucalyptus trees around the camping area, bamboos, acacia thickets and jungle forests. Some of the bird species to spot in these areas include; the Red-eyed Dove, Black-and-White Mankins, Green-headed Sunbird, White-throated Bee-eater, Great Blue Turaco, White-chested Negrofinch, Lesser-striped Swallows, Parrots, Cormorants, Kingfishers, and Olive Sunbirds.

Rock climbing

Around the falls are massive rocks which form high cliffs suitable especially for drivers who normally climb up and stand at the top to plunge into the depths of the whirlpools. Climbing the rocks is one of the thrilling adventures to engage in while at Sezibwa Falls. While at the top of rocks, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the falls, river, pools, bamboos and the acacia thickets. Lizards, skinks and snakes are normally sighted basking on the rocks especially on sunny days.


The camping site is within a short walking distance from the falls. The area is well maintained and has a restaurant and bar close by to ensure comfortable camping for tourists interested in spending their safari nights at Sezibwa Falls in the great outdoors. A night in the outdoors offers the ultimate African safari experience.

Cultural Encounters

Sezibwa Falls is recognised as a  uganda heritage site because of its traditional background and cultural significance. There are traditional shrines at Sezibwa where people go to worship and offer sacrifices and prayers to appease the gods. In spite of the impact of Western religion in Africa, some people are still attached to the old African traditional ways and beliefs. A visit to the shrines will give you a chance to encounter the items used in traditional worship; backcloth, coffee beans, calabashes, cowrie shells, pots, animal skins and spears. The intriguing items are used to connect worshippers to the ancestral spirits.