Mburo Safari Lodge Location and Overview

Mburo Safari Lodge is a luxury safari holiday facility located in Lake Mburo National Park in Kiruhura district in South-western Uganda. As a result of its location, the lodge is occasionally ‘invaded’ by zebras, Vervet monkeys, Impalas, bushbucks and an innumerable number of bird species. The location of the lodge also boasts a breath-taking view of the surrounding open and wooded savannahs, hillsides, thickets, forests, swamps and lakes which are a habitat to numerous wildlife species.

Mburo Safari Lodge Range

Mburo Safari Lodge is a luxury/upmarket safari accommodation facility.

Mburo Safari Lodge Facilities


Mburo Safari Lodge features a main lodge, 10 luxury cottages and a honeymoon house. All the facilities are set on raised platforms to keep wildlife animals out and also offer a scenic view across Lake Mburo National Park. All facilities are well furnished and self-contained with spacious bedrooms able to accommodate up to 3 large beds, a sitting room area, kitchen, ensuite bathroom and flushing toilet plus a private balcony for each cottage.

The lodge also has a camping site

Restaurant and bar

Mburo Safari Lodge has a state of the art restaurant which serves a variety of local and international cuisines. The lodge’s professional chefs and cooking staff prepare savoury meals using quality and fresh ingredients. The lodge organises special goat roasting and barbecues on Saturday evenings. Behind the restaurant is the famous Mburo rocks, a good spot for viewing wildlife.

The lodge’s fully stocked bar offers a variety of beverages including premier liquor and wine brands as well as non-alcoholic drinks to satisfy the varying needs of the guests. The lodge has the as cosy lounge where you can sit and enjoy a cocktail while gazing at Uganda’s amazingly spectacular natural attractions.

Gift shop

Mburo Safari Lodge has a gift shop where guests can purchase crafts, clothing, guidebooks, paintings and art pieces woven and crafted from genuine African raw materials.

Swimming pool

Mburo Safari Lodge has a large well maintained swimming pool where guests can always dive for a swim to relax and unwind after an adventurous and exerting day. The pool is also a good place to drink and grab a snack while enjoying the surrounding natural beauty.

Electricity and running water

Mburo Safari Lodge has a supply of solar power which gives light in all its facilities and allows guests to charge their phones and not lose communication while on their safari trip in one of Uganda’s prominent wildernesses.

All the lodge’s facilities have a supply of running water including a provision for both hot and cold water in the ensuite bathrooms. Guests can treat themselves to a warm water bath whenever they want, especially in the early morning hours when it is usually cold and misty.


Other amenities

  • Well trained and friendly staff
  • Housekeeping
  • 24/7 security – the lodge is a guarded complex
  • Ample parking space
  • Storage facilities
  • Free Wi-Fi