Eagle’s Nest Camp Location and Overview

Eagle's Nest Camp is situated on a hill bordering Lake Mburo National Park, in proximity with the Sanga gate – one of the park’s entries points. The camp is the ideal safari getaway for travellers longing for an unrivalled African experience.

The camp is comprised of 12 canvas tents, each having a private veranda looking out to the park. The camp’s location offers a sweeping view across Lake Mburo National Park – Uganda’s smallest national park. Though not so big as compared to other parks, Lake Mburo is endowed with a massive population of wild game and bird species. The park has a commendable population of zebras and many of them are spotted within the lodge boundaries grazing.  The nights at Eagle’s Nest Camp are filled with the intriguing sounds of the roaring of lions, the chirping of crickets, the grunting of Bush pigs and the hooting of the night owls.

Eagle’s Nest Camp Range

Eagle’s Nast Camp is a budget/downmarket safari accommodation facility.

Eagle’s Nest Camp Facilities


Eagle's Nest Camp has 12 safari tents, each fitted with a pair of twin beds, a writing desk and chairs, plus a power outlet to allow charging of phones, cameras, and other electronic gadgets. At the back of each tent is an eco toilet and a bush shower which is normally filled with hot or cold water on request. Each tent has a private veranda looking out over the park and pristine wilderness.

Restaurant and bar

The restaurant and bar are Located in the centre of the camp. The restaurant has a traditional African setting; food is prepared in the ancient cooking pots and set on wood fire for it cook. When ready, meals are served in a traditional yet delicate and careful way. Diners normally have around campfires and the guests normally smell the delicious aroma emanating from the traditional pots as the food cooks.

The camp’s bar offers all sorts of beverages including alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Coffee and tea are always available and served on request. A safari holiday at Eagle’s Nest Camp offers a satiating African experience.

Solar power supply

Eagle’s Nest Camp has a good power supply in all its facilities including good lighting in the safari tents and power outlets to allow charging of phones and other electronic gadgets. The camp runs on solar as an eco-friendly choice.

Running water

Eagle’s Nest Camp has a good water supply in all its facilities including both hot and cold water in the bathrooms. Guests have a bath clean up any time they want without encountering a water shortage. The lodge has a commendable hygiene and regular cleaning and housekeeping are done.

Other amenities

  • Well trained and dedicated staff
  • Housekeeping
  • Campfires
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Ample parking space
  • 24/7 security


Eagle’s Nest Camp Activities

  • Boat cruise on Lake Mburo
  • Nocturnal game drives
  •  Bird watching in Lake Mburo National Park
  • Guided hikes and nature walks
  • Canoeing and sport fishing
  • Community tours
  • Picnics and Bush breakfasts
  • Guided cycling
  • Cultural encounters with the Bahima pastoralists
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